О нас

Why lingerie? The question everybody asks when they find out that our company makes lingerie.

MissTease began in 2017 with a gift to my wife of a lingerie set. It cost me a lot – about $430.

We were students just a couple years ago and had only started our careers, so it was too expensive for me.

Since then I always wondered:

Why does a country known for beautiful women not have any well-known lingerie brands? Why are beautiful and quality lingerie sets always so expensive?

I had not found answers to these questions, so my wife and I decided to make our own lingerie brand.

Frankly speaking, first 3 years were very complicated and difficult, as production of quality lingerie is not as simple as we thought.

if we knew all the complexities of this process at the beginning of our journey, then we would never have started. But we are happy that we did not.

Today we offer you exclusive hand-made lingerie sets that we are proud of:

  • verified sewing technology,
  • time-tested patterns,
  • German and Japanese sewing equipment,
  • the best exclusively-branded European materials,
  • and our experienced production and service team.